LGBTQ & Disabled

Large disparities still exist within the disability community. These inequalities have the potential to compound when a person identifies as LGBTQI, whether because of personal isolation or exclusion by society; everyone pays the price.

A disability, like any other personal attribute, doesn t solely define someone. It is just one facet of a person s life. By its very definition, disability means a limiting condition that affects a major component of one’s life. We are all disabled or limited to some degree, by this standard.

LGBTQI Disabled is working towards maintaining positive attitudes and about making the best out of all situations. The goal is to allow everyone a chance to connect with the larger community of similar people just like you for; discussion, guest speakers, field trips, socials, and a nights out.

The Priorities of LGBTQI & Disabled are:

Open & affirming care facilities.
Lowering hate crime, sexual violence and abuse disparities
Community engagement
Minimize isolation
Securing accessible mental health services
Information & Referral
Advocacy for the LGBTQI Disabled Community
Outreach to healthcare workers
Fair Housing

For more information contact Dan at 503-893-5756.