Late Awakenings

Late Awakenings is a support group for women who question their orientation or who come out and identify as lesbian later in life. That tends to be anywhere from 35 to 65, but anyone is welcome at any age. We are simply a group of women who have been through that experience and we share our stories and our myriad solutions with anyone who wants to know how we coped.

Most of us were married at one time, many of us had children, a large percentage of us came from very conservative religious backgrounds, and all of us had that feeling of not knowing where to turn for any kind of support or advice. We won’t give you any advice either, but you can hear how a variety of women coped with this momentous change in their lives, and figure out the path you need to take for yourself. Confidentiality is respected.

Moderated by Ann Combe.

*Always the 3rd Tuesday of the month.